The Program

The South Metro  Young Professionals (SMYPros)  group  is for enthusiastic
and talented Young Professionals in their  20s  and  30s  who are
passionate about developing their skills in today’s marketplace while
building valuable relationships.

Our Mission

To assist in  enhancing  skills necessary for today’s Young Professionals
through social interaction  developing  to  professional knowledge,
engaging in the business and community environment and networking
with similar-aged professionals.

Participant Benefits

This program gives individuals who are new  or established in  their
profession or community the opportunity to meet other like individuals
and develop their professional skills.  SMYPros  members  gain valuable
networking  opportunities through their personal and professional
connections within the communities they live, work, and play in.

  • Expand their business network through business promotion
  • Strengthen leadership skills
  • Increase engagement in the community
  • Develop relationships with fellow young professionals
  • Have fun!

Employer Benefits

  • Opportunity for your employees to strengthen their leadership
    and professional skills which may be applied in the workplace
  • Cost-effective professional development and retention strategy
  • Marketing opportunities for your company through employee
    engagement and interaction with other businesses in the area